OnlyLuck Interactive

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About Us

OnlyLuck Interactive is an independent game development team that consists of Paul Donald and Jeff Scott.


OnlyLuck Interactive formed in 2010 with the goal of releasing a game on the Xbox Live Indie Games platform. This is an ambitious goal as neither Paul nor Jeff has previous game development, art, sound or programming experience.


Paul had been interested in game development since a college C programming course where he chose to create a text based role playing game for the final project. In 2007, Microsoft released Game Studio Express which prompted Paul to teach himself C# and the in’s and out's of the XNA framework. He made some test games (such as UFO Killer and Blade Storm) and then started development on Mercenary Defenders in the summer of 2009. In spring of 2010, the Mercenary Defenders concept was reworked into Corrupted and Jeff was officially brought onboard create background art, help with game design and level design.


Working on Corrupted has been a huge learning experience for Paul and Jeff. If Corrupted is successful they are looking forward to making more games for XBLIG and the Windows 7 phone.

For more information about OnlyLuck Interactive please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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"There is no Luck in what Only Luck Interactive do, just pure skill" -

"Definitely worth checking out"- 411 Mainia

"Score one for the guys at OnlyLuck Interactive" - XboxHornet

"I can’t be more pleased with my purchase.  At only $3 (240 MSP) this is a steal." - IRB Gamer



What do you think of perma-death in a roguelike?