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Corrupted Reviews/Links

Review Roundup


Xbox Live Indie Gem

"Corrupted includes 4-player local co-op, persistent character building (i.e. characters are saved between sessions), a lengthy campaign and two separate mini-games. Grab your Castle Crashers crew and give it a try."

IRB Gamer

Recommendation:  BUY IT

"I can’t be more pleased with my purchase.  At only $3 (240 MSP) this is a steal.  The story is entertaining and funny, the gameplay is solid and well executed, and the replay value is high."


Score 4/5

"As it serves the game is worth the 240 Microsoft Points regardless, but if they can provide some updates and add in some fan service free of charge it could end up being one of the most downloaded games on the platform. There is no Luck in what Only Luck Interactive do, just pure skill."

411 Mainia

(The Indie Spotlight, half way down the article)

Score: 7.5/10

"Corrupted changes perspective to the bad guys for once and I like that. Too often are we tied down to doing what is right and pure in hack and slashers, and I'm glad Corrupted lets you be, well, corrupted. The gameplay is solid, if flawed, and the story works for its confines. Being able to create your own character and mold them into how you want to play is a nice feature as well, since most indie games don't give you that freedom. Definitely worth checking out."


Score: 7.5/10

"The game isn’t perfect, but it’s fun. Score one for the guys at OnlyLuck Interactive."

XBLA & XBLIG Ratings

Score: 8/10

"Corrupted has a few neat ideas, and thankfully comes with a save function, so you can either start a new Corrupted antihero or continue an old one every time you pick it up, and the graphics are serviceable, even quirky in their quality. The multiplayer aspect is by far the best selling feature, and if you have friends to play with, is a must-try. If the game had included full online support (lobbies, invites, etc), I wouldn't have thought twice about it being worth even more."


Easy Solitaire

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"There is no Luck in what Only Luck Interactive do, just pure skill" -

"Definitely worth checking out"- 411 Mainia

"Score one for the guys at OnlyLuck Interactive" - XboxHornet

"I can’t be more pleased with my purchase.  At only $3 (240 MSP) this is a steal." - IRB Gamer



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