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Dungeons of Desolation Dev Update - May 16th

All of the game screens have been updated graphically so they look at least half decent.   Meaning at least there is a background and the controls are displayed.  I have also started to adding different fonts so the text looks better.  Previously there was only one font and it looked terrible when it was scaled up significantly.

I have also updated the town level so the player can enter the buildings.  I still need to implement the player town storage system, but that wouldn’t be difficult.   The town look has been updated a bit too.  The paths now connect the buildings and there are symbols on the buildings to show what type of shop is inside.

Another addition is the Dungeon Codex.  This is available from the pause menu.  The Dungeon Codex will allow you to see what monsters, items and enchants you have discovered so far.  I am trying to decide if this should be common across all characters or just for the specific character you are playing.  Meaning if you discovered a monster in on one character would show up in the Codex of a new character?   Some rogue like record monsters across characters, but not items.



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