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Dungeons of Desolation - Dev Update May 4th

I have updated the game so the tile set of the dungeon can change at different depths.   I was avoiding this thinking it would have been a lot of work (in hind sight I should have programmed it that way from the beginning, live and learn!), but it turned out it was a lot easier to change than I thought.  I also fixed a couple programming hacks I did with the door tiles that were referencing the location of the tiles in the sprite sheet which was a terrible idea.I was thinking what I could use a different floor tile for the dungeon and then I remembered the dirt tile for the town level.  I also changed the wall tiles and added the feature to select different tiles so the walls are a bit more interesting.  I think this tile set looks really good.  It is going to be used in the beginning levels.  Along with the new floor and wall tiles I updated the open door tile so it looks more like an open door.

Another major update is the addition of light source items.  Torches, lanterns and the rumour is that there are rare and powerful light sources items that will never burn out!  When a torch burns out there is nothing left of it, but lanterns can be refilled with flasks of oil can be purchased at your local general store.  Diffrent light sources have different light radiuses and some of the rare lights have other stats as well.

Some changes have been made to the HUD too.  I decided to get rid of the coloured squares behind the skill/items since all the skills will have a background representing their type.  To compensate for this I made the buttons much larger.  With the addition of light source items I added a bar that shows you what light you have equipped and how many turns are left on it.  Along with that I added a hunger bar that shows how full you are.  The player still will get warning in the log about light and hunger.

Here's a screen shot showing the new tile set and HUD changes.

This is a screen of the updated Stats and Equipment Page (the image behind the player now updates depending what level you are on):

Here's a video showing some of the items talked about above:


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