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Dungeons of Desolation - Dev Update Feb 29th

A bunch of changes and new features have been made since the last update.

The biggest change is has been to the lighting system. Instead of selecting  individual tiles to be lit now certain tiles are the light sources and light up a radius around them like the player.   The tiles that provide light are shown in game as animated torches.  Additionally, spell projectiles such as firebolts can light up tiles as well.  It can be useful to cast a firebolt down an unexplored hallway to find out what is down it.  Another change to spells like firebolt and magic missile is that they now explode with a particle effect when they hit an enemy.  Another addition is the blood spray effects when the player or a monster is damaged (it can be turned off in the options if players prefer not to see it). 

The hidden doors, a roguelike staple, have also been added.  Moving into a wall tile that contains a hidden door with discover and open it.  The player will have a chance to discover hidden doors while walking by them and certain spells will reveal them too.

The skills system might be getting over haul.  I am considering a skill tree system instead of the current system where you pick all of your skills during character creation.  Changing this would give a player the chance to shift direction if they didn't like the current play style without needing to start over.

Here is a video showing some of these updates:


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