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Dev Update Jan 31 - Skills Screen/Tutorial Updates

Finshing off the skills screen now.  With this screen completed all of the screens in the game are functional.  They might not look good or display all the information that they are suppose to yet, but they will perform their primary function.  Once I get everything working in the game I will go back and update all the screens and the main user interface during gameplay.  I would suggest this method to any other indie developers out there.  Only display as much information as you need and then do it as roughly/quickly as possible since you will probably end up going back an changing something to do with it as you work on the game.

Here is a video showing off the skill screen and talking about the general progress of "Dungeons of Desolsation":

I have also have a couple new posts on the OnlyLuck Interactive Tutorial Page.  These posts are straight of "Dungeons of Desolation".  One is the HLSL code I created to get the outside of the screen to flash red.  The other is the line of site code that is used in the game, which is in the form of a sample game where you can see if the mouse cursor is in line of sight.  The full Super Pong code has also been posted over there as well.  Eventually I will finish off that tutorial series.


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