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Dev Update Jan 29 - Lots of Stuff

Lots of stuff completed this weekend:

  • The screen flashes red around the border when the player takes damage
  • The equipment screen actually can be used to equip or remove items.  It still needs a bunch of work, like showing how your stats would change and displaying over all stats.
  • The skill system framework is fully implemented.  That includes increasing the percent learned of the skill, failing to use a skill, sustainable skills, skill CP costs being effected by the weight of the equipment the player is wearing.
  • Soft edges of perma-lit tiles (still have the sharp edges on tiles out of LOS and I think it will stay that way).
  • Tracked down a number of bugs (and created a few...)
  • The player's face now has ears


Here is a video of the lastest game play (sorry no narration as my throat is a bit sort).  Reminder, all the graphics and sounds are incomplete once the programming is done I will focus on making it look good


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