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Dev Update Jan 24th: Weather/Identify Spell

The town level needed something, so I added a rain using the particle system. I think it turned out pretty well and it did not cause a large hit to performance on the Xbox or PC. Next up will be some torches or braziers in the town using the fire particle effect and will produce light like the player does.

The other big update was the addition of the first skill/spell. In Dungeons of Desolation all skills/spells require the use of Concentration Points (CP). The CP cost depends on how well you have mastered that skill or the magic school the spell resides in. The first spell I have implemented is "Identify" which reveals the use of items or any special properties of equipment. When you use the "Identify" spell a list of all the unidentified items that are in your inventory are displayed on the screen in one of the 3D scrolling menus. You will also have the ability to identify items on the ground without having to pick them up first, which will save a bit of time. For characters that do not have the spell there will also be identify scrolls available in some of the shops in town.

Watch the video below to these new features in action:


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