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Dungeons of Desolation - Dev Update Jan 22nd

A lot of progress has been made this weekend. One new feature is the random assignment of item effects to the image and the description of the image. Each time you start a new game all the items are randomly assigned a different look and basic description. So in one game a "Light Blue Potion" might be the "Epic Healing Potion" in another it could be the "Potion of Ruin" (reduces all of your stats by 10 for 500 turns, ouch!).

Enemies can now also steal from the player. If you can kill the enemy that stole from you it will drop everything it stole. However, that is easier said than done as enemies that steal aren't normally interesting in going toe to with you.

The player now has a body including a face (which the player will be able to select during character creation). Equipping weapons and armor will change the look of your character.The particle effect system is up and running and it is really easy to add effects. I really like the look of the smoke cloud from the blink or recall scroll. The buff and debuff systems are working now too. The blind effect has been implemented. When blinded all the floor tiles go dark, but you can still discover where the walls are by bumping into them!

Another big feature is the message list. As important things happen in the game a message will be written to the screen. You can scroll up and down through those messages with the D-Pad.The control system on the Xbox might switch up a bit. Only three skills/item available per assignment group doesn't feel like enough. With the amount of skills/items I am planning on having you will want instant access to more than three at a time. Right now you have four assignment groups. So that is a total of 12 assigned items/skills. They are switched between with the shoulder buttons so it is fast and easy. I might change the switch assignment group to the D-Pad right/left and add the shoulder buttons as additional assignable buttons. The Map and Character Screens are the Left/Right Triggers, but that is feeling clunky so that might need to change too. I will have to test a couple different configs or just allow the player to map the buttons to whatever they want.

Here is the latest development update video:



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