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Line of Sight and Cusor Mechanics Done

After serveral hours (and a couple reverts to backed up code...) I finally got the line of sight and cursor mechanics working exactly the way I want them.  Now the player can click the "Right Thumbstick" to bring up a cursor and look around in different directions.  This includes looking across the map to see what is on any lit nodes.  I may set a maximum display distance that the player can move the cusor as it would be hard to see something that 1000 feet away if it was lit or not.  The cursor will also provide a context senstive menu based on what exists on the node you are targeting give a list of avaiable actions/skills/spells.

The final line of sight algothrim ending up being a lto simpler that what I thought I was going to need.  Basically I find the slope of the line between the player and the node I am checking and then normalize the rise and run to whatever is greater, then loop through the number of nodes between the player and end node.  If I hit a wall I stop, that has wall is within the light radius it get lit.  If the end node is within the light raduis or a prema-lit node then it get lit too.  All the nodes on the screen are searched ever time the player moves.


Here is an example screen shot:


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