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Dungeons of Desolation FAQ


What is the plot?

Many years ago in the middle of town of “Desolation” a mysterious stairway was discovered that leads down to a huge labyrinth.  Since then adventures from across the Seven Kingdoms have come to seek fame and fortune by braving the dangerous dungeons beneath Desolation.  None have ever reached the bottom and returned to tell of it.  Some say that there is no bottom, that the dungeons goes on forever and you would eventually go mad if you could survive long enough to keep descending.

It is said that the no two adventures arrive at the same place when the travel down the stairs in Desolation, making it impossible to make a map of the dungeons.  The few that have made it out alive from the depths have returned with untold riches and artifacts.  You an inexperienced adventurer have come to Desolation with a little coin and big dreams.  How will you fare in the “Dungeons of Desolation”?

How many players does it support?

As of right now it is just a single player game.  I really like the turn based system as it allows for very strategic gameplay.  If you get in a tough spot you can sift through your inventory/skills looking for a something might help you out.  However, this is might change as I think multiplayer would be really good and I have couple ideas how do it without making the players wait on each other for constantly.

How many classes are in "Dungeons of Desolation"?

None!  You create your character by selecting skills/spells from four different skill trees.  The trees are:

  • Combat - Physical combat skills and abilities
  • Black Magic - Offensive spells
  • White Magic - Defense spells
  • Grey Magic - Utility spells


How many skills/spells are there?

As of right now there are around 97 skills/spells that the player can choose from as they level up there character.   Skills come in three different categories: passive, active and sustained.  Passive skills increase stats or the effect of a skill.  Active skills are ones that require Concenration Points (CP) to use and will take a turn.  Sustain skills are buffs that use up a portion of the player's maximum CP to increase stats or provide effects.

How many items are there?

As of right now there are 154 items in the game each with their own art work.  That includes weapons, armor, potions and scrolls.  However, since the weapons and armor can have dozens of different enchants on them it increases the number of unique items that can be found.

What platforms is it going to be released for?

Initially Dungeons of Desolation is going to be released on Xbox Live Indie Games.  Afterwards I will be releasing for Windows PC (distribution method not set as of yet).  If the reception is good on Xbox/PC I will look into porting it to iPad/Android as the touch interface would work well with it.

What is the estimated release date?

Dungeons of Desolation is currently in beta, so if everything stays on track I hope to release in August 2012 for Xbox.  Then October for PC.

How much is it going to cost?

As of right now I am planning to release for 80 MSP on XBLIG, but that is subject to change (depending on the awesomeness of the game).   PC will be roughly the same.

How many people worked on creating it?

Just one:  Paul Donald did all the game design, art, programming, music and sound effects.


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