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Dungeons of Desolation Update - Including Video with Narration

Lots of progress on the game engine and level editor for "Dungeons of Desolation".

  • The lighting and tile discovery system is now working for a light of any radius.
  • All of the main screens and menus exist in at least skeleton format.
  • Inventory and equipment now work. The player can pickup or equip items from the ground.
  • The random item and monster creation is working.
  • The looping menu item system is has been implemented for items and the menu screens (I think it looks really cool especially the input to enter your name).

Still tons of work to do:

  • Particle effect system for spells and such...
  • Enemy AI
  • Artwork, sounds, etc, etc, etc, etc....

Here is an updated video that I narrated showing off the latest build and explaining some of the features:



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