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OnlyLuck Interactive releases Corrupted on Xbox360

January 21, 2011- Bowmanville, Ontario - OnlyLuck Interactive's first game Corrupted is now available for download on Xbox Live Indie Games for only 240 Microsoft Points.

Corrupted is an action/RPG game with a full campaign story featuring 4 player co-op.  Music produced by local musician, Mark Beitle, sets the pace for this hack and slash extravaganza.  Corrupted's upgrade system allows players to choose a play style that suits them.  Choose to be a long-ranged slippery archer or a close quarters dual wielding wrecking machine.  Corrupted features eleven upgradable stats, including powers that can cause mass destruction.

Corrupted is a gripping experience in single player or with up to three friends.  Work together as you try to conquer Corrupted's two arena modes.  Survival mode has you attempt to outlast rounds of increasingly harder enemies.  Rush mode is a take on older arcade games such as Space Invaders where you have to prevent wave after wave of enemies from getting past you.  No matter how you play it, Corrupted is hours of fun.

Watch a short gameplay clip of Corrupted

Watch the trailer for Corrupted

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About OnlyLuck Interactive
OnlyLuck Interactive is an independent game development studio formed in 2009.  This talented, two-man team is focused on producing dynamic games for Xbox Live Indie Games and Windows 7 Phone.

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"I can’t be more pleased with my purchase.  At only $3 (240 MSP) this is a steal." - IRB Gamer