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Unity Space Shooter: Jump Gate Infinity

Unity Space Shooter ScreenWith the death of XNA, I have decided to spend some time learning Unity.  So far I am liking what I  am seeing.  I spent the afternoon following a basic tutorial to make a simple arcade style space game. I think I am going to expand this demo to add shields, other weapon system, enemies, etc...  Doing all that should give me a good understanding of Unity.

I exported the current version as a web player and was able to upload it:

I will post new builds once more is added.  Enjoy!

3/27/2014 - New build posted.  This version includes:

  • Recharging shields
  • Missiles that damage nearby objects on explosion
  • Different sized asteroids that take more hits to destroy
  • Global high score board!



Storage Warfare Released


OnlyLuck Interactive ported the 24kt Stuidios Andriod and iPhone game Storage Warfare to Xbox Live Indie Games.

It is now available on the Xbox Live Market Place:


Dungeons of Desolation XBLIG Update Released

An update for Dungeons of Desolation has been released on Xbox Live Indie Games.

It fixes the following issues:

  • Invisible stairway on the starting tile in trial mode
  • Random crashes caused by the counter attack skill
  • Some identified items not staying identified after loading a saved game
  • Issue when using some scrolls while they are on the ground



Dungeons of Desolation for PC

Work has begun on the PC version of Dungeons of Desolation.  Hopefully it shouldn't take too long to finish as most of the work is just updating the controls.  However, I am going update the gameplay a bit based on the feedback I received from the Xbox release.  So far I am really happy with the PC version.  I spent a lot of time on trying to make the controls intuitive and easy to use for the Xbox, but I think it will be much better for the PC.  Keyboard and mouse have so many more options and are much more native to roguelikes.

Price, release date and distribution method are yet to be determined.


Dungeons of Desolation Reviews

Here are a couple reviews of Dungeons of Desolation:


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