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Corrupted now 80 MSP!

Corrupted has been dropped to 80 MSP for the new year!  ENJOY!


- Jeff Scott


New Game in Development

A new game is in development with the working title "Dungeons of Desolation". It is initially going to be targeted at the Xbox Live Indie Games platform, but if there is enough interest I will release it for PC.

"Dungeons of Desolation" is basically going to be a graphical roguelike with some nice shader lighting and particle effects. It is also going to have an in-depth skill and leveling system. I really want there to be some multiplayer mode, but I am having a difficult time figuring out what would work for a turn based game. I really want to keep it turn based for the strategic aspects. As of right now perma-death isn't out of the question! Well, maybe it will exist in a hardcore mode for the daring as most people don't think it is "fun".

Here is a video that was recently posted:

Too soon to provide any information about a release date, but I can provide the price. It will cost 80 MSP on XBLIG when released.


Holiday Giveaway!

Here at OnlyLuck we're in the holiday spirit and have decided to give away some free downloads of our little co-op sensation, Corrupted!

Five random fans that tweet #XBLIG, #Corrupted and #HolidayGiveaway to @OnlyLuckGames will receive a download key to obtain a free copy of the best co-op game released to date!  The winners will be selected on Monday, December 26th.

UPDATE: The rules have changed a bit.  You now can enter by just retweeting this tweet!

Happy Holidays from both of us here at OnlyLuck Interactive and GOOD LUCK!

Jeff Scott and Paul Donald



I am going to be creating a series of game programming tutorials focusing on XNA 4.0 using the C# programming language.  They will be created as YouTube videos with the code posted and any addition written information or links on this website.  I will try to start off very basic for someone with little to no programming experience and build from there.  The first series will be dealing with 2D games.

The tutorials can be found here:


Corrupted Review Roundup

Take a look at Corrupted's Review Roundup!

Thank you to all the sites that were able to review our game, so far.  We appreciate all the comments and feedback.  We're averaging almost 8/10 on every review and, for our first game, we couldn't be happier!

Some reviewers were a bit disappointed that Corrupted doesn't have Xbox Live support.  Let me first say that I agree.  Xbox Live would have made this game just that much more fun.  The issue was that Corrupted was already such a large undertaking, for just the 2 of us, that adding Xbox Live support was going to add too much time to the development cycle.  We won't rule out the possibility that, in the future, we add Xbox Live support as a patch.


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Contact Us

Paul Donald -  e-mail

Jeff Scott - e-mail

Twitter - @OnlyLuckGames

Facebook Page - Chat with us!


"There is no Luck in what Only Luck Interactive do, just pure skill" -

"Definitely worth checking out"- 411 Mainia

"Score one for the guys at OnlyLuck Interactive" - XboxHornet

"I can’t be more pleased with my purchase.  At only $3 (240 MSP) this is a steal." - IRB Gamer



What do you think of perma-death in a roguelike?