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Trial Crash and Other Issues

It has been brought to my attention there is a crash in the trial if you attempt to use a phantom staircase that exists on the starting tile to go down and then use the stair way up afterwards.  I have removed the staircase that isn't visable on the starting tile to resolve the issue.  Working to get an update published right now.  Thanks to everyone that let me know about this.

To avoid the issue just move up and proceed through the trial level and do not use the invisible stairway on the starting title.  An update will be submitted for review very soon.


It has also been brought to my attention there is a bug when using some scrolls (specifically one that need a target selected) from the ground when there are multiple items on the same tile.   This isssue will also be fixed in the update.

If you find any issues please contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  If you could provide detailed information surrounding the issue that would be very helpful.

Thank you,


*** New Update ***

An update is currently in the review process for XBLIG that fixes the above issues along with an issue with the counter attack skill that was randomly causing crashes.


Dungeons of Desolation Released

Dungeons of Desolation is now available on Xbox Live Indie Games!




Dungeons of Deslation Release Date Set

OnlyLuck Interactive is pleased to announce that Dungeons of Desolation has been submitted and approved to Xbox Live Indie Games.  The release date has been set for Friday October 26th, 2012 selling for 80 Microsoft Points (roughly $1 CND/USD).

Dungeons of Desolation is a dungeon crawling RPG that draws from roguelikes with randomly generated levels, items descriptions changing with every new game, over 100 items, over 80 monsters and four different skill trees with dozens of different skills.


Dungeons of Desolation Trailer Released

The offical trailer for Dungeons of Desolation has been released!



Dungeons of Desolation - Dev Update Aug 5th

Almost there!  All the systems that I wanted to implement are in the game in working correctly.  Yesterday I completed my first full play through which took about 3 hours.  After the play through I had almost two pages of bugs, enchantments and tweaks.  Today I completed that list plus some other stuff.

A couple major changes have been made since the last update.

Shopping System

I liked the 3D style menu, but it just didn't work in the store interface.  If there were dozens of items it was really hard to find items in the old system.  The new system is a more standard RPG grid layout of the items. Until started working on this game I could never understood why the shopping systems in more RPGs didn't show you detailed information about the item you considering buying.  Well now I know!  It is hard to fit all that information on the screen and it is a lot of work to implement the comparisons between the items.

Another changes to the shopping system is an option to "Purchase and Equip", which is nice because if means you don't have to leave the shop to sell the old item you had equipped.

The last change is the addition of better filters.   The armor and weapon shops now have multiple filters that can be applied.  Also, they are also graphical instead of text now.


Added the enemy magic/skill system so enemies can now cast ranged attacks or debuffs at the player.
Update the enemy AI.  Most enemies will now have a bit of random movement to make things more interesting instead of them coming straight at the player.  Also, mage type enemies will evade attempt to evade the player if he is too close to them.

Certain enemies have a chance to spawn in groups now.  A single orc isn't that dangerous, but a group of 10 of them could quickly overwhelm the player.  This makes a lot of the skills and spells more useful as they would be needed to either avoid or deal with these groups.

Trial Mode

The trial mode is really important, so I have added tools into the game to allow me to hand craft a level that will show off the features of the game.  I don't want to depend on a randomly generated level to give the player a great experience the short 8 minute time frame.   The trial is going start the player off at level 5 good selection of skills/items and the dungeon level they will experience will be roughly equal to depth 6.  This should give the player a good idea of what the game is before they buy it.  Without this the player could waste more than half the trial with the intro, tutorial and messing around in town.

Level Creation

There was a small chance of areas in the dungeon being inaccessible and even smaller chance that the player could get trapped forever in one of these areas. Specifically you would need to teleport in and not have any way to teleport out and there not being any stairs in the area.  Still I was really worried about this so I thought about it for a bit and came up with an idea to make all the areas accessible from each other.  Using a flood fill method I find all the areas of the map that are not connected and then a connect them.  Simple!  Also adding this will allow me to make more interesting level parts since I am no longer concerned about the player getting trapped.  This flood fill method is really useful for tile based games so I will post the code to my tutorial site when a get some time to do up a same.


The detect monster spell will now also display the location of monster on the mini map and on the map screen.  This makes it easier to see where nearby groups of mosters are located.  The player now has a little animation for casting some spells where he raises his weapon and then quickly lowers it.

New Items

Added a bunch of new items. Here are a few:

  • A scroll that reveals the layout of the dungeon around the player.

  • A potion that adds a skill point.

  • Potions that increase damage, black magic and white magic permanently.

  • A scroll of fireball.

  • Mythril mail armor set.

  • Scrolls that damage the player when used.

Next on the agenda is the game trailer! Stay tuned!


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