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Defend yourself from wave after wave of evil snowmen that can only be stopped with magic snow weapons. Build snow walls to slow them down. Use snowballs, ice-balls, snow-grenades and snow-mines to send them back to the snow that made them.

Snowmangeddon is coming, can you survive it?

Snowmangeddon is coming soon-ish to Windows Store, Android and iOS.


Avenge Quest

The new game has a name: "Avenge Quest"

"Set out on a journey to destroy a power beast that destroyed your village and slayed your spouse.  Avenge Quest features a first person targeting combat system.  Find and exploit enemy weak points, block and parry incoming attacks.  Craft powerful equipment using a unique crafting system."

Below are some screen shots from the early prototype build with placeholder assets.  You might recgonize them from Dungeons of Desolation.


Easy Solitaire

In attempt get some more experience with Unity and actually finish/release a game I decided to develop a simple game. My father was not impressed that after upgrading to Windows 10 he no longer had Solitaire, so I created "Easy Solitaire by OnlyLuck".  The game is full featured as solitaire games go with adjustable card size, sound options, statistic tracking, single action undo, right/double click quick move and an auto complete feature.

It is currently in a closed beta on the Windows 10 Store, but it should be released soon!





New Game

There is a brand new game in the works!

The bad news is the Unity port of Dungeons of Desolation is on hold (maybe permanently)...

This new game is a combination of some ideas I have had in my head for a while. I wanted fun skill based combat, a deep crafting system and world building. Right now I just have the combat and a basic over-world working.  The combat system consists of tapping the enemy to do damage.  The amount to damage you do is based on where you hit them and your attack power (which is displayed in the bottom center bar).  You can block attacks with a shield or by hitting the enemy when they are starting to attack you.  Enemies will have weak points that will do different functions: increase damage, increase item drop rate or chance to stun for a short period.   There will be consumables to reveal the weak spots, increase attack power and restore health.  There is also an option to wear a shield that can be used to block attacks. Different weapons will have more or less attack power and delays before you can attack again.  So you will have to decide on a slow two handed weapon that will do a ton of damage or a one handed weapon and shield.

Different enemies might require different tactics. Here is a short video: Note all the graphics are just placeholders for right now.


Dungeons of Desolation PC

For the last month I have been working on a new build of Dungeons of Desolation for PC.  XNA is out and Unity is in!  It has been a lot of work to redo everything in Unity, but it will give me the chance to make some improvements.  Plus as Unity is multi-platformed it will be easy to port to different systems.

Here are some of the new features:

  • Randomly generated levels - Upgraded from the Xbox version as they can be any width or length.
  • User interface - Upgraded for the PC as the interface is windowed and can be moved around or closed (working on resizing).
  • Inventory size - The player to many inventory slots to start off.  These will be reduced and magic bags will need to be purchased or found to increase the number of items the player can carry.
  • Lighting system - The Xbox lighting looked cool, but it did not work well with a tile based game.  The PC version is going to stick with solid lighting colour per tile.
  • Death is permanent? - You die,  start over?!

Most of the game is incomplete.  Only a couple test items and enemies are created in the first room, the rest of the level is empty.  There is no stairs or town yet either.

Check out a development build that I have posted as a Unity Web Player game:

I will try to keep this updated as I go.  If you find any problems or have feedback please email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

The controls are:

  • Move with W,A,S,D keys or click the tile beside the character
  • Attack an enemy by moving into it
  • Pickup an item from the ground by standing on it and clicking "Pick Up" or pressing the G key to grab the top item
  • Open inventory with i key
  • Equip an item from inventory by right clicking on it
  • Open player window with P key
  • Open the map with the M key
  • The windows can be re-positioned by dragging them by the title bars

Latest Dev Build Updates:

June 1st

  • Locked doors
    • Right now all the doors are locked
    • Chance to unlocked based on DEX


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Easy Solitaire

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